#1in10Challege – Day 6

I’m proud to be a grassroots ambassador for EQI.

Growing up with epilepsy I didn’t see ambassadors other than Wally Lewis and he was a famous adult while I was just a kid. Don’t get me wrong, I still loved him as the king and it was kinda cool that we both had epilepsy. His book helped my mum with understanding epilepsy but his book wasn’t relatable enough for me.

As I got older and followed sport more intensely, I found myself paying close attention to parasports. This lead to me finding one of my favourite athletes who just so happens to also have epilepsy, but again it was somebody I shared something with but there was no connection. Just another person I watch on TV.

Part of what I try to do as an ambassador is reach out and connect with people from all over. I try to be available and accessible to all who want an ambassador they can connect with.

For some, watching somebody they can see part of themselves on TV is more than enough for them. For some, they don’t mind if their ambassador is significantly older than them. But for most, they just want to connect with somebody like them around their age and that doesn’t have to be through face to face conversation. The zoom crew is a perfect example of being able to connect despite not being face to face. My blog and book series also offer a form of connection.

So thank you to EQI for helping me do something I find very important.


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