#1in10Challenge – Day 7

While it’s no secret, some of you may not know that I’m an early school leaver. I don’t regret this action because my school was not accessible or helpful therefore my mental health would’ve continued down a dark and dangerous path had I stayed.

I know one day I will go back to studying and I will have the aids necessary to do so. Why’s this? For some reason, while the exact amount of help is dependant on the school, tertiary education has more help on offer if you know to ask for it than primary and secondary education. Key phrase being if you know to ask for it, but at least it’s there.

Continuously my mum and I begged my high school for help, even if they just sent through my assignments and I worked on them in hospital. They’d refuse or ignore us then on the rare day I could make it to school I’d be asked where my late assignment was. When the class went on and I had no idea what anybody was talking about I was left behind without concern. But of course, when I was caught not understanding, or not focusing due to my medication, I was the one who got in trouble and was punished.

I was expected to keep up with my work and curriculum without being given any aid.

Our students need the help they ask for, whether that be something as simple as emailing what pages to read in their textbook while in bed or something more hands on like an in-class aid that helps take necessary notes and makes sure the student is following along.

Essentially, they need the same aids the best tertiary schools offer.

This shouldn’t even be a needed conversation anymore. If higher education can recognise that there are sick and disabled students who need further aid to keep up in their classes, why have the education facilities that come first not recognised and accepted this yet?


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