Medical Trauma, I Want to Help

Not often enough do we talk about the harm and damage medical professionals have caused patients and their loved ones.


I’m now on an advisory board for CheckUP where I will speak about the injustices done to me and my community. From there the CheckUP members will discuss with their medical professionals they have on board and we will all discuss the best way to make great change in our medical system.


Just yesterday I was speaking to EQI staff member and my CheckUP aid member about how, while the causes are different, my undiagnosed gastro issues that seemed to be ignored at best by my first opinion gastroenterologist are bringing me back to a time where the side effects of my epilepsy medication were ignored and both have/are leaving me to starve.


I’m keeping an eye on my hair in case I lose it again, I’m keeping watch of my weight and my clothing sizes in case I get to where I was again. I’m scared. And not just scared to go on a rollercoaster kind of fear. I’m scared for my health and life. A fear nobody should know of but too many do, including young children.


I’m hoping by teaming up with CheckUP and sharing my stories others won’t have to take that uncomfortable step into speaking so publicly about their own medical trauma yet I can still help them.


However if you do want your story to be heard reach out to me through comments on here, contact on here or direct message on Instagram and I’ll make sure your voice is heard at the next meeting.


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